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Forbici Parrucchieri : On this site you will find the best professional scissors made by hairdressers for hairdressers that combine the highest quality materials, the best Japanese steels, and design with the right price. Our range, which follows the line of the renowned Japanese school, ranges from thinning scissors serrated scissors, then moved to the wide world of scissors for cutting accuracy, allowing you to create any type of hair, until the scissor to remove the hair. Professional hairdressing scissors are designed ergonomically and are highly compatible with the anatomical features of the hand-arm system. A study done a few years ago showed that hairdressers are exposed to specific labour diseases attributable directly to the use of inappropriate tools. Although standing for a long time (with the increase of stress static), is part of the work of hairdressers, it was shown that the use of comb and scissors leads to the development of varicose veins in direct relation to the use of hairdressing scissors not ergonomic. In order to avoid horizontal lines in the neck area, a Hairdresser must take scissors to hairdressers for surface trimming ini a vertical position. Due to the limited movement of the hand toward the dorsal hair usually has to bend over backwards to maintain the angle of the elbow. As a result, almost all the body weight rests on one leg, this leads to a reduced blood circulation in the calf area due to the static position. In the long run, the increase in static pressure in this region of the body is detrimental to the flow of blood through the veins, and the form of veins so that spider veins are a plausible result. If a Hairdresser grabs the scissors with the thumb and ring finger of the hand in front of the customer and especially dynamically use the thumb during cutting, it follows that the blade of the scissors that you use with your thumb must be reduced accordingly in order to allow the natural movement towards the middle finger. Also, the shape and size of the rings to the ring finger and the thumb should be bsate on the size of those fingers. We offer a wide selection of professional Hairdressing Scissors designed for demanding and whimsical hair salons.

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Forbici Parrucchieri - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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20 Feb 19



Abbiamo OCCASIONI in tutta ITALIA


20 Feb 19


Nell'abbigliamento è in atto un CAMBIAMENTO IMPORTANTE nell'abitudine dei consumi: consumare di meno ma con più QUALITÀ.

E dal parrucchiere?
È da diversi anni che si vede una BUONA PERFORMANCE per i saloni medimedio/alti, mentre i saloni di basso livello vanno sempre peggio.
Questa tendenza vuol solo dire che la donna preferisce e vuole SERVIZI TECNICO/ARTISTICI di livello superiore ed è disposta a spendere di più.
E attenzione a non scambiare per desiderio della donna la ricerca di coccole e comodità con la vera ricerca invece di SERVIZI di MAGGIORE QUALITÀ.
È il livello del risultato quel che conta.

19 Feb 19

gabona offerte

Ecco le Offerte del mese !







INOA - 60 ML :  € 3,76


MAJIREL - 50 ML : € 3,42





19 Feb 19

Nigel Darwin CEO Toni & Guy

Salon group Toni & Guy has named Nigel Darwin the new CEO with immediate effect. The appointment comes after industry legend and salon chain founder Toni Mascolo passed away at the end of 2017.

Pauline Mascolo, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck and Christian Mascolo said: " After a thorough and rigorous search process, we are delighted that Nigel has agreed to join Toni & Guy and we look forward to work with him. We know there is a really exciting future ahead, with the priorities being growth and new opportunities in every aspect of the business".

Nigel brings 20 years of experience to the role from a range of consumer sectors including beauty, wellness and fashion. In his most recent roles he has grown a number of brands from luxury to mass market within the UK and globally.

On his appointment Nigel said: "I am honoured to have been asked to lead the Toni & Guy business - which is the voice of unrivalled excellence within hairdressing. Toni & Guy and our extended family of salons, franchisees and partners have influenced and trained more individuals in over 40 countries around the world than any other hair brand".
He added: "I look forward to working closely with the Mascolo family, our teams and partners to build on this fantastic foundation - and to honour Toni Mascolo's vision and legacy by writing the next chapter of growth in the Toni & Guy story".

In his role Nigel will lead the Toni & Guy teams to devise and implement strategic plans to strenghten the presence of salons.

19 Feb 19

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